Saturday Morning Sessions

'Susanna... has a knack for nudging you gently towards fresh perspectives, different angles. In just a few sessions I found myself thinking very differently about what I was writing, what I could be writing, and why.'

Structure, shaping and plotting

Saturday March 20th

Tutor: Susanna Jones

10.00 – 11.45


A fun and creative session looking at different ways to shape a story. We'll look at structure in relation to time, place, character and point of view.

Writers with work in progress can use this work in the session to try things out on their manuscript and experiment. Beginners who don't yet have a draft in progress may want to bring rough ideas or can work with the examples given in the session. 

While you're writing, you'll be able to turn off your camera and have breaks from the screen.

Places are limited. To sign up please get in touch.

You can book a follow-up one-to-one session to discuss your opening pages and plan. Price depends on word count but a 30-minute session to look at 1500 words of writing and a detailed plan would be around £50.

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